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  Outline of The Japan Aeronautic Association (JAA)  
The Japan Aeronautic Association(JAA)is a national foundation established for the purpose of promoting the development of aeronautics and astronautics in Japan and enhancing the cooperation with world aerospace communities.

In order to promote the civil aviation, the JAA is engaged in various public service activities such as aviation culture, aviation heritage, aviation sports, regional aviation and schedule coordination.

Brief History
The JAA was initially founded in 1913, three years after Japan's first powered flight was successfully conducted in 1910.

The JAA joined the Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI) in 1919 as an active member.

In 1929 JAA's own building, the original Aviation Building(Hiko Kan) was built.

All activities related to aviation were completely banned by allied powers after World War II from 1945 to 1952.

Civil Aviation Activities were resumed in 1952 and the JAA rejoined the FAI as an active member in 1953.

The JAA’s Aviation Library was opened in 1955.

A new Aviation Building (Koku Kaikan) was rebuit on the same land in 1978.

Regional Aviation Promotion Organization’ was established in 1983.

The first ‘Sky Leisure Japan’ was held in 1989.

The ‘JAA Aviation Heritage Archive’ was established in 2004.

The ‘NRT/KIX Schedule Coordination Office ’ was established in 2008.

The name of ‘NRT/KIX Schedule Coordination ’ was changed to ‘JSC ’(Japan Schedule Coordination) in 2010.
The JAA’s financial resources originally came from the funds donated by the imperial household and the general public.

At present, our public service activities are conducted with the profits gained by operating its own building called the Aviation Building (Koku Kaikan).

In this context, the JAA is therefore self-supporting, which allows it more discretion to evaluate aviation issues without prejudice or external influences.

The JAA’s public service activities can be summarized as follows.

  Aviation Culture  
Aviation Library
The Aviation Library is the only library specialized in aeronautics in Japan.

It has a collection of more than 10,000 books, approximately 300 magazines and a large number of newspaper clippings dating back to 1907.
The JAA issues a journal called ‘Aviation and Culture’ twice a year.

Web version of ‘Aviation and Culture’ is updated every month.

The JAA also issues the ‘Civil Aviation Handbook’ and the ‘Aerospace Almanac’ annually.
Lectures and Seminar
The JAA from time to time hosts the evening lectures on aerospace in general and also hosts an annual seminar featuring the latest aviation topics.
Funded Research
The JAA undertakes government funded research on civil aviation matters in general.

The JAA hosts the ‘Aerospace Transport Workshop’ and performs secretariat services for the ‘Aerospace Transport Workshop’.
Aviation Day
September 20th is ‘Aviation Day’ in Japan. In order to commemorate ‘Aviation Day’, the JAA honors people for their aeronautic accomplishments at an annual award ceremony.

The JAA also hosts aviation events jointly with the Japan Civil Aviation Bureau (JCAB) at various airports in Japan.
  Aviation Heritage Archive  
The activities of the ‘JAA Aviation Heritage Archive’ are to collect, research and conserve historically important aviation materials since the dawn of aviation in Japan.

Historically important aviation materials include not only aircraft itself but also aircraft parts, blueprints, photographs and stories of people who experienced or witnessed aircraft related activities.

The JAA also officially certifies exceptionally important materials as 'Important Aviation Heritage'.
  Aviation Sports  
The JAA acts as a National Aero-sports Control (NAC) of FAI and is responsible for the control and certification of the FAI sporting events, record flights and flights qualifying for badges under its control within Japan.

Also, the JAA applies world records, approves representative players for the world championship competition and organizes the world championship competition in Japan.
For the purpose of enhancing the interest of aeronautics among the younger generation, the JAA also organizes experience programs such as paragliding, hot air balloon riding, children’s model aircraft class at various locations and the FAI Young Artists (aviation art drawing) Contest as well as an annual joint aviation sports event called ‘Sky Leisure Japan’.
  Regional Aviation  
Some local governments and scholars originally established the ‘Regional Aviation Promotion Organization’ to promote the construction of regional airports and regional air networks.

Membership of the Organization now includes 42 metropolitan and prefectures, 27 cities and towns and 25 supporting organizations.

The JAA acts as a secretariat for this organization and helps to conduct research, hosts seminars and makes solicitations for promoting regional aviation to related national government organizations.
  Schedule Coordination  
The schedule coordination services for Narita International Airport (NRT), Tokyo International Airport (Haneda : HND) and Kansai International Airport (KIX) have become a part of the JAA’ activities thus ensuring that the schedule coordination services continue to be conducted on a neutral, non-discriminatory and transparent basis.

Under the JAA’s management, the ‘Japan Schedule Coordination Office’ follows a fair and open mechanism in accordance with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Worldwide Scheduling Guidelines (WSG).

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